About me

Hey there! My name is Rob, and I am a design-minded individual who has enjoyed collaborating with Product, User Experience, and development teams. I have a passion for high-functioning, cross-disciplinary teams that focus on a user-centered discovery process where collaboration and growth are the core values. Nothing is more exciting to me than working with a group of people who can infuse their passions with a purpose beyond themselves to cultivate meaningful work and meaningful relationships.

I prefer to surround myself with people who are humble and driven, and no longer have much patience for ninjas or rockstars. Untapped potential excites me, and providing people with a platform to create and collaborate effectively in a supportive and encouraging environment is one of my favorite ways to contribute and nurture individual growth.

I am coming off of a 5 year stint working as a Senior User Experience & Product Developer for The SAVO Group. SAVO was recently acquired by Seismic which ended many peoples tenure there, myself included. Over my time at SAVO the company was continually transforming, and each chapter taught me an incredible deal about the the world of software development. Sometime soon I will write a post detailing my experience at SAVO and reflect on my experiences.

SAVO allowed me to refine my craft, and gain exposure to new teams and concepts like User Experience, Agile, and practicing Lean Methodologies. As my perception expanded I learned to embrace that not all problems can be solved with code. I was fortunate enough to play a role in building a team who infused the passion for their craft with a mutual purpose to grow and have an impact together. We quickly grew into an amazing UI/UX team, and together we impacted nearly every aspect of SAVO’s organization.